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          The 12th China Zhengzhou Plastics Industry Expo 2022 

          Invitation letter

          ◆Exhibition Introduction

          China Zhengzhou Plastic Industry Expo was established in 2012,Founded and held by Zhengzhou Bo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., which was incorporated in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, it has been successfully held for nine sessions.Nearly 800 companies participated in the 10th exhibition in 2020.Selected as the fastest growing plastics exhibition in China's inland cities,It is an influential and important reference platform for plastics industry in China. It is a bridge for the exchange of plastics industry between  China's overseas, coastal cities and inland cities.Has obtained the China Plastics Chamber of Commerce & unanimously praised by local plastics industry associations, brand representatives and visitors.Zhengzhou, China is the birthplace of Chinese civilization. It is a sparkling pearl in Chinese history. Today's Zhengzhou, China will still be the center of national cultural commerce.  Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center has complete facilities and convenient transportation. We believe this will be an unforgettable gathering of the plastics industry.It will be held from March 22 to 24, 2022 at Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center.The scale of the upgrade will set 1600 booths (all plastics industry) with a site area of 40,000 square meters.Quality exhibitors break through 800 companies and the number of visitors will exceed 55,000.

          【To create the most influential plastics industry value exhibition platform in China! 】

          Please pay attention to our official website for the wonderful review of last year's show: www.sino-plas.com

          ◆Exhibition concept

          Comprehensive display of the plastics and rubber industry, new materials, New technology, new equipment, Promote the upgrading and innovation of China's plastics industry. To help China's rapid growth of small and medium enterprises, Assisting well-known enterprises to develop new markets, Upgrading industry supply chain.

          ◆The three main focus of the exhibition

          1:inherited Shanghai, Guangzhou, The third platform: National Plastics Professional Exhibition, Bringing together the resources of high-quality plastic industry chain in China.

          2:involving the plastic industry, chemical manufacturing, Machinery manufacturing, intelligent equipment manufacturing, 

          Environmentally  friendly  high-tech materials, Mold making, robot, Plastic packaging machinery.

          3:She is an important national supply chain platform for coastal cities and inland cities. Will be high quality, large lineup display.

          ◆Plastic industry chain integration, A total of eleven major exhibition

          Intelligent injection molding area

          Blow Molding Machine area

          Plastic flexible packaging equipment display area

          Chemical raw materials, additives display area

          Functional pigment master batch display area

          And special composite materials, plastic-modified display area

          Plastic extrusion molding area

          Plastic Film Technology area

          Mold, auxiliary testing equipment display area

          Automation Technology area

          Recycled plastic, plastic products display area

          ◆Exhibition date

          Date of renovation:2022.3.20-21(08:30-17:30)

          Exhibition date:2022.3.22-24(09:00-17:00)

          Exhibition Demolition:2022.3.24(16:00-21:00)

          ◆Visit the scope

          Chemical raw materials,Automobile industry,Medical equipment,Electronic appliances,Food packaging,cosmetic 

          packaging,An injection mold,High-speed injection molding machine,Plastic color printing,General plastic 

          products,rubber products,Wire and Cable.


          ◆Held in conjunction with

          The 11th China Plastics Industry (Central) Development Summit Forum.

          1、Intelligent injection molding industry 4.0 overall program industry research

          2、Automotive lightweight plastic new technology seminar

          3、3D + print technology project latest developments

          4、A functional thin film technology seminars

          5、New generation of environmentally friendly solvent-free composite technology promotion

          6、New medical plastics technical exchange seminars

          7、New energy-saving plastic building materials research

          8、Thin-walled packaging injection of new technology display seminar

          9、Automated technology robot live demonstration

          10、The injection molding industry outstanding management and technical personnel information exchange (Welcome to actively participate in the industry's best companies Or sponsor or sign up to share new technology management experience)

          ◆Booth price

          Area A:RMB 800/㎡( Open space )

          Area B:RMB 7800/9㎡(Luxury standard booth )

          Area C:RMB 6800/9㎡(Standard booth )

          Booth configuration:

          Standard booth (3m×3m),The configuration includes three wall panels,A negotiating table, 2 chairs, 2 spotlights, a power outlet (220V/5A),Company name fascia board;

          Area A and Area B does not include any configuration,Additional according to the provisions of the exhibition hall to pay special construction management fees,During the exhibition period, the temporary construction electricity will be charged separately,Please apply for special electricity in advance.

          ◆Journal, advertising sponsorship

          Cover Advertising: 20000(RMB)

          Back cover advertisement: 10,000(RMB)

          Inside page advertisement: 5000(RMB)

          Color page advertising: 2000(RMB)

          Black and white Description:1000(RMB)

          Tickets ads: 5000(RMB)/5000pcs

          Business invitations: 5000(RMB)/2000pcs

          Visit badges: 8,000(RMB)/2000pcs

          Handbag: 10,000(RMB)/2000pcs

          ◆attention to the details of the exhibition

          1, Fill out the "Application Form", the person in charge signature official seal;

          2, Booth arrangement according to the principle "first come, first pay, first arrangement". Return to the "application form" within five working days will participate Exhibition fee remittance to bank account and fax remittance at the end of single, Deadline will not be retained exhibition display location;

          3, Booth confirmation after midway shall not withdraw from exhibitors, or the cost will not be refunded;

          4, In order to ensure the professional exhibition, Exhibitors are not allowed to exhibit exhibits that are not related to the exhibition, or cancel the qualification;

          5, Exhibitor exhibits or promotional materials must respect intellectual property rights.

          In the event of a dispute, The organizer cooperates with relevant departments to investigate and does not refund the booth fee; 

          6, Exhibitors may not transfer the stand without permission.

          ◆Organizers Contact

          The 12th China Zhengzhou Plastics Industry Expo 2022 .

          Zhengzhou Bo exhibition Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

          Henan HUAHAN Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

          Address: Zijingshan Road and Longhai Road Fangyuan Building Creation Block B Room 7O7. Zhengzhou City, China.

          Tel: 0371-60233070

          Fax: 0371-86536172

          Website: www.sino-plas.com

          Every year the scale is getting bigger and bigger, Exhibits more and more rich!The 12th China Zhengzhou Plastics Industry Expo 2022. A higher starting point, larger, broader impact!Casting one of China's most influential plastic exhibition platforms,Casting one of China's most valuable plastics exhibitions,China Center Large Plastics Industry Exhibition, welcome to participate!

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